Parts & Gear

In the Shop we stock accessories for just about every type of shooter: A full range of cleaning supplies, stun guns and mace, magazines, pistol cases, rifle cases, carry bags, targets, grips, and a large assortment of holsters, eye protection, ear protection, scopes & rings, carry devices, instructional materials, magazines, videos, and more, all at affordable prices. No matter what your gun accessory needs are, we either have it, or we'll get it for you quickly, and at prices that few of our competitors can match.
Holsters & Cases

The Vault offers a wide selection of holsters for belt, paddle, shoulder and concealed carry. Need a specialized hard or soft case for your handgun or long gun, or a nice range bag? We’ve got them in stock. If you don’t see the right holster for your gun, just ask and we can order it for you.

Magazines & Accessories

The Vault is your source for hard to find magazines for your pistols and rifles. Check us out for all your magazine needs… If you don’t see it in stock, just ask and we can order them if they’re available. We also stock speedloaders for revolvers, magazine loaders from Uplula and pierce grip extensions and xtra-cap mag extensions.

Cleaning Supplies

The Vault stocks a complete range of products to keep your handgun, rifle, or shotgun in prime condition.